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Rethinking Values Conflicts in Smart Systems

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Tuesday, 14. June (Pre-C. Day 2)
As AI systems are increasingly embedded in the most diverse functions of our homes and cities (from vacuum cleaning homes to controlling traffic and energy flow), they require a certain degree of autonomy in order to perform their work. However, what happens when the values of those systems collide? Choices in (value) conflict resolution are not only technical but also of ethical, social and philosophical in nature. In more critical contexts, such systems may need to interact on the basis of less information and a greater variety of disagreements. During our workshop, we will get to delve into the topic at hand. As rethinking value conflicts in smart systems requires ways of re-imagining situations and finding fresh perspectives on how to handle complicated value conflicts. Furthermore, we will showcase a variety of conflicts that can be found within this domain, through a curated project exhibitions.
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