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Knowledge Representation for Hybrid-Intelligence

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Tuesday, 14. June (Pre-C. Day 2)
As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are playing roles in our daily lives more than ever, designing intelligent systems which can work with humans effectively (in- stead of replacing them) is becoming a central research theme: hybrid intelligence (HI). While so many fields in AI are shaped by this demand in parallel (such as multiagent systems, computer vision, computational linguistics), this is not enough pronounced (yet) in the knowledge representation (KR) circles, which is a major sub-discipline in AI. This workshop aims to be the first international workshop to fill this gap. It is called knowledge representation for hybrid intelligence (KR4HI), and it welcomes works that focuses on the use of knowledge representation in various scenarios of hybrid- intelligence. The workshop is to be co-located with the first international conference on hybrid-human artificial intelligence.
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