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Imagining the AI Landscape after the AI Act

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Monday, 13. June (Pre-C. Day 1)
In April 2021, the EU Parliament published a proposal, the AI Act (AIA), for regulating the use of AI systems and services in the Union market. If adopted, the AIA will have a significant impact in the EU and beyond. This workshop aims at analyzing how this new regulation will shape the AI technologies of the future. Do we already have the technology to comply with the proposed regulation? How to operationalize the privacy, fairness, and explainability requirements of the AIA? To what extent does the AIA protect individual rights? How is it possible to deliver a process that effectively certificates AI? This workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry and anyone else with an interest in law and technology to exchange ideas on the multi-faced effects of the AI Act proposal. Paper submissions with an interdisciplinary orientation are particularly welcome, e.g., works at the boundary between AI, human-computer interaction, law, and ethics.
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