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Common Ground Theory and Method Development workshop

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Monday, 13. June (Pre-C. Day 1)
Exploring, Understanding, and Enhancing Human-Centricity in Hybrid Work Settings
Numerous disciplines contribute to hybrid intelligence work environments, leading to different basic understandings of what exactly human-centered AI means. These understandings are not necessarily rooted in explicit theories, but result from theories in use that lead to a set of methods and instruments that are applied in R&D projects and transferred to practice. The aim of the workshop is to identify a common ground for human-centricity in hybrid work settings from the perspective of different disciplines and research communities involved in specific job design with hybrid intelligence. Therefore the workshop invites (1) theoretical outlines of human-centered hybrid-intelligent work settings, (2) methods, instruments, and standards as theories in use, (3) use cases describing human-centered AI in the workplace. The workshop will conclude with reflections on a special joint issue to discuss the Common Ground Theory. Submissions from tandems of researchers and practitioners are highly appreciated in this third line.
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