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Satellite Events

Accepted Workshops

2nd International Workshop in Knowledge Representation for Hybrid Intelligence (KR4HI)


Erman Acar, Ana Ozaki, Rafael Penaloza and Stefan Schlobach

The increase in social media and Internet users’ exposure to diversity has not come with new instruments and skills to deal with it, despite the invariable impact that diversity has on human lives. This workshop seeks to promote richer and deeper social interactions by enabling the Internet of Us, a Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence online platform, where human social relations are mediated and empowered by diversity-aware Artificial Intelligence. 

Link to the workshop page: https://www.internetofus.eu/diversity-aware-hybrid-human-artificial-intelligence-dhhai/


Fausto Giunchiglia, Loizos Michael and Jessica Heesen

Applications of hybrid intelligence systems in which humans and machines collaborate must behave responsibly in order to promote synergy and prevent unwanted or even harmful effects. For instance, the agents in a hybrid intelligence system (both human and automated) should communicate in a correct and reliable way, they should be able to provide their reasons for having a belief or opinion, and they should be able to explain their actions in terms of the values they apply. The aim of this workshop is to collect research and research ideas aimed at designing responsible hybrid intelligence systems.

Link to the workshop page: https://rhi2023.ai.rug.nl/


Bart Verheij, Cor Steging and Ludi van Leeuwen



Francesca Naretto, Francesca Pratesi and Desara Dushi

This workshop appears from the need to create a multidisciplinary research community of people who study the different perspectives and layers of trust dynamics in human-AI teams. 

Link to the workshop page: https://multittrust.github.io/


Carolina Centeio Jorge and Anna-Sophie Ulfert-Blank

An Ecology of AI – Reflections for Researchers


Retno Larasati, Venetia Brown, Tracie Farrell, Syed Mustafa Ali and Soraya Kouadri Mostéfaoui

Accepted Tutorials

Tutorial: Exploring Responsible AI by Design


Michael Dale, Paulan Korenhof and Catholijn Jonker

How to Assess Human Reliance on Artificial Intelligence in Hybrid Decision-Making


Federico Cabitza, Andrea Campagner and Chiara Natali

As more and more multi-agent systems are deployed in the real world, it becomes imperative to study these systems with real humans to avoid unexpected negative consequences during deployment. Yet, this can be challenging for researchers with more experience designing algorithms and less experience running human participant experiments. In this tutorial, we will discuss the state of the human-agent interaction field, emphasizing (i) incorporating humans into multi-agent systems, including reinforcement learning systems, (ii) investigating when to rely on human vs. AI strengths, and (iii) designing human-AI studies to evaluate algorithms with real humans.

Link to the workshop page: https://sites.google.com/umich.edu/humanaitutorial


Elizabeth Bondi-Kelly, Krishnamurthy (Dj) Dvijotham, and Matthew E. Taylor

Accepted Hackathons

Hybrid Intelligence Hackathon for Alzheimer’s Research


Pietro Michelucci, Libuše Vepřek, Lisa Gusman and Margaret Lane