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Moral Reflection with AI-Necessary or Redundant? – #2486

by Aishwarya Suresh Iyer

Moral support with AI has been gaining traction. The proponents of moral support with AI claim that some of the more problematic behavioural patterns of humans can be resolved with the help of AI, such as inability to extend moral concern to global level problems like climate change and refugee crisis. They offer a variety of ways of doing so- through provision of more information, or helping them work through the procedural aspect of moral decision-making, or help them work through their normative positions. I disagree with the solution being offered because I don’t see this as a problem which can be solved at an individual level. As the problems they want to fix are deep, systemic, institutional, socio-political problems, which may not be fixed by a moral support with AI system.

Full article: Poster Paper 2486