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Who is who?

HHAI 2022 is organised by the Dutch Hybrid Intelligence Center and the European HumaneAI Network involving the following people in the organisation team:

  • Stefan Schlobach, VU Amsterdam (General Chair)
  • Ana Valdivia, King’s College London (Workshop co-Chair)
  • Maria Perez-Ortiz, UCL (Program co-Chair)
  • Myrthe Tielman,  TU Delft (Program co-Chair)
  • Roel Dobbe, TU Delft (Workshop co-Chair)
  • Shenghui Wang, University of Twente (Poster and Demo co-Chair)
with the Steering committee:
  • Catholijn Jonker (TU Delft)
  • Frank van Harmelen (VU Amsterdam)
  • James Crowley, Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble
  • John Shawe-Taylor (University College London)
  • Paul Lukowicz (DFKI Kaiserslautern)

and many members of the Program Committee