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Conference Venue

HHAI 2022 (both the main conference and the pre-conference events) will take place in the main building of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).

The VU is a campus university right at the heart of the financial district of Amsterdam, just outside the city ring, conveniently located within easy reach of Schiphol airport, and in walking distance of Amsterdam Zuid trainstation.

Pre-Conference Events

The pre-conference events (workshops, tutorials, hackathons, …) will take place in the A complex of teaching rooms in the main building.

Main Conference Venue

The main conference will take place in the newly renovated Auditorium, which hosts about 220 people. 

Social Event

Current plans are to host the conference dinner, and a pre-dinner social event at the new University building, which hosts the Hybrid Intelligence Center, Amsterdam, but also a bars, restaurants as well as cinemas and theatre rooms.

Getting there
Finding your way around on campus

Most of the activities during the conference will take place at the Main Building (see the white arrow), but the social event and conference dinner could be hosted in the New University Building.